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Renovating An Older Home

Things to consider when renovating an older home Regular home renovation comes with its own challenges, but when it comes to renovating older homes, there are issues and complications most people are simply not aware of. Whether you are renovating an older home so your own family can enjoy the pleasures of an older home […]

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How to Design Your Home Renovation to Fit Your Budget

Tips for a successful home renovation on time and on budget Planning even a small remodel can be a challenge. You don’t want to spend so much time on the remodel that it’s difficult to be comfortable in your home, and you want to be satisfied with the results. Settling for a home remodel you […]

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Construction Projects

Tips to an Uneventful Construction Project  Even when things go wrong, the home remodeling shows you love watching always have everything neatly tied up at the end of the 30-minute show. They give you a false sense of just how easy it is to hire a contractor for a big home improvement project to transform […]

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Contracting Bids

What Should Be on Every Home Remodel Contractor Bid? Thinking of taking on a home remodel project? Good for you. It’s a big step, but the payoff in terms of the increased value of your home can be significant. You’ll also enjoy the “new home” feel and better use of the space, but you still […]

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dont over pay for a room addition

Don’t Overpay for a Room Addition

Many homeowners are interested in adding a room to their home. Whether it’s a three or four-season porch, outdoor kitchen, or in-law suite, having extra space to enjoy your home is always nice. However, the cost of a room addition can quickly add up and it can be easy to go over budget. Plus, you […]

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what they don

What They Don’t Tell You On Home Improvement Shows

Those who watch TV shows about a home remodel are likely familiar with the way the home improvement ideas always seem to turn out perfect. No matter how much of a wreck the house is, or how lofty the goals of the property owner are, everything always seems to turn out perfectly. This might tempt […]

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your dream master bathroom

Why DM Building Is Your Solution To A Dream Master Bathroom

Constructing a new master bathroom or having an existing one remodeled is more than introducing style to your home. It is also a way of improving luxury in the standard of your living. While considering various factors, the most crucial aspect is the service provider you select for your bathroom construction works. Deeming a bathroom […]

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San Diego Building Boom Additional Dwelling Units

There’s an Accessory Dwelling Units Building Boom in San Diego County

“Granny Flats” Up 965% In San Diego City Cut Fees To Build Accessory Dwelling Units In 2018 The statistic looks like a typo, but it’s accurate — the number of permits San Diego approved to build accessory dwelling units in its city increased 965 percent from 2016 to 2018. “Making It in San Diego: Granny […]

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San Diego Home Design

Home Trends in San Diego

  Considering a home remodel? You’re not alone. Remodeling your space can add instant value and increase the equity without having to move to another location. While this is a great option, it’s important to consider a variety of home remodel contractors that can meet your needs. One of the most important is their knowledge […]

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Building a Second Story Addition

Should I Build a 2nd Story Addition to My Home?

Does It Make Sense To Add a Second Story to My House? There are few things more frustrating than not having enough room in your home for your family to truly stretch out and relax. Perhaps you love the location of your current home or maybe the market in your area just isn’t favorable for […]

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