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Home Remodels and Renovations


Why Move When You Can Remodel Your Home?

Adding a second story to your home by expanding outward or upward with room additions is the perfect solution for many homeowners, but remodeling the home you have can be another option. In fact, some find that remodeling their home may be a better fit on a structural and financial level. Remodeling isn’t limited to installing a new kitchen sink, or renovating the Master closet—remodeling can give your house an entire makeover from the ground up without changing the dimension or structure of your home.

At DM Building, our home remodeling San Diego projects have turned kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more into beautiful, functional spaces that are unrecognizable from their previous appearance (check out our home remodel gallery here). Our expert remodeling contractors and designers will take your existing space and work with you to reconfigure it to meet your needs, both stylistically and functionally.

Home Remodeling In San Diego Is a Green Solution

Not only does remodeling your home cost less than building a room addition, it can save on utility costs and even property taxes associated with expanding your home. Plus, remodeling can incorporate energy-efficient appliances throughout the home that cut down on energy usage; providing a solution that is both economically and environmentally sound.

How To Get Started On Your Remodeling Project: Create a Stylebook

Unlike building a room addition which has to conform to property dimensions, remodeling your home can accommodate any vision you have for renovating your existing space. Since there are so many directions you can go with a home remodel, it’s recommended to create a stylebook.

Our home remodeling San Diego contractors at DM Building will work with you on your renovation design, but actual pictures of desired colors, materials, and theme works great to quickly get everyone on the same page. You can collect these ideas by leafing through design magazines or websites, and checking out home remodeling photos on social media sites such as Pinterest or Instagram. Then, you can discuss these ideas with our remodeling contractors, and let us turn your remodeling vision into a work of art!

From a kitchen remodel, to an extensive home makeover, DM Building has your remodeling needs covered. Call us today at 760-644-0714, and let us know what you envision for your home.