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Second Story Addition


Add Space and Value to Your Home With Our Second Floor Additions

Add a second story addition to your house and dramatically improve the appearance of your home and your property. Second floor additions are great for adding space to your home, as the area is built up, not out, which can compromise landscaping and yard space. In addition, adding a second story can increase your property value in terms of larger square footage, but also aesthetically with elevated views of the surrounding area that aren’t provided through ground floor additions.

DM Building’s Second Floor Additions Are both Beautiful and Safe

Our expert North County San Diego building contractors and designers at DM Building have one goal in mind when adding a second story to your home: to build a quality second story that provides beauty and function, but is also safe, reliable, and complies with building codes. Our professional staff of architects, engineers, and builders construct second floor additions that meet with California building codes and earthquake standards, and are built with the highest quality materials available.

Building a second story is an extremely detailed and meticulous project, and should only be handled by industry professionals. At DM Building, we are fully licensed and insured, as is each contractor who works on every job site. We have helped many homeowners throughout North County San Diego build the house of their dreams, and will handle your second floor addition with precision, diligence, and expert craftsmanship.

Adding a Second Story? Here’s What to Consider

As with any home addition, a second floor addition should match the original architecture of the home, and appear as if it’s always been there—it should never look like another story simply sitting on top of a ground story. With this in mind, there are a few things to consider when adding a second story to your home.

First, where will you access the second floor from the ground level; e.g. the placement of stairs inside or outside of your home? Next, how will the second story effect the overall visual flow to not only your existing roofline, but surrounding homes? Will a second floor addition obstruct neighboring views?

At DM Building, we will give you the best options both functionally and structurally for your second floor addition, and make sure that it not only fits your property, but is neighborhood-friendly, as well. For more information about our second floor additions, and other services such as custom kitchen remodels, room additions, bathroom remodels, and more, call us today for a free quote at 760-644-0714.